ATM manufactures a wide array of high quality Coaxial Components for almost any application you can think of.  All of our products are built to meet or exceed your stringent specifications.

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Attenuators, Fixed SMA and Type-N models
   1 & 2W Models    5W Models
    10W Models        25W Models
    50W Models 
Attenuators, Continuously Variable
    ●  Low Freq. CVA models [DC-1.0 GHz]
         Connectorized [50/75 Ω]
         PC Mounted [50/75 Ω]

    ●  Miniature CVA models
         06 Series [2.0 - 40.0 GHz]
         07 Series [1.0 - 8.0 GHz]
         08 Series [0.7 - 18.0 GHz]
    ●  Medium - High Power CVA models
         15W Med. Power [0.85-4.0 GHz]
         30W High Power [0.5-18.0 GHz]
         50W Very High Power [0.5-18.0 GHz]
    ●  Motor Driven CVA models

    ●  Stepper Motor Driven CVA models
Attenuators, Variable - Step
Bias Tees
Coaxial Cables, Flexible
   Cable Assemblies
    Cable Assembly Loss Calculator
   ●  Cable Connectors

    Raw Cable
DC Blocks- Inner, Outer, Inner/Outer
     Type-N  [to 18.0 GHz]

    SMA     [to 18.0 GHz]
    2.9 mm  [to 40.0 GHz]

    2.4 mm  [to 50.0 GHz]
DC Injectors
   SMA  • Type N  • BNC
Directional Couplers
    Octave Band - SMA  Type-N
    Multi Band - SMA  Type-N
    Dual Directional Couplers

Directional Couplers, High Power
    High Power 200W - SMA  Type-N
    High Power 600W Type-N
    Dual Directional Couplers, 600W, Type-N
    High Power 900W - SC Type
    Dual Directional Couplers, 900W - SC Type
    High Power 900W - 7/16 Type
    Dual Directional Couplers, 900W - 7/16 Type

    Octave Band
    Special Band
Line Stretchers

Noise Sources, Microwave

    15.5dB ENR - SMA

    ●  15.5dB ENR - Type-N

    High Output ENR / High Freq. - SMA
Phase Shifters
    30°/GHz Models     ●   40°/GHz Models
   ●  60°/GHz Models     ●   90°/GHz Models
    180°/GHz Models   ●   360°/GHz Models 
    Motor Driven Phase Shifters
    Stepper Motor Driven Phase Shifters
    Very Low Loss Coax Phaseshifter
Power Dividers/Combiners

   ●  SMA Models -    2-Way    4-Way    8-Way
   ●  Type-N Models2-Way   4-Way    8-Way
    Pin Diode Solid State
Terminations, Coax
     1W Models  -    SMA  
 2W Models  -    SMA  2.9mm   Type N
 5W Models  -    SMA  Type N
 10W Models -   SMA  Type N
 15W Models -   SMA  Type N
 25W Models -   SMA  Type N
 50W Models -   SMA  Type N
 100W Models -  SMA  Type N

    500W Models -  Type N

Waveguide Components Menu


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