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Specific ATM models are designed to meet or exceed MIL-E-5400 and a variety of Mil-Specs; materials used in general are in compliance with Mil-Specs.  See the web or check with the factory for specific products.


STOCK MATERIAL (Bar, Sheet, Rod)

Material Specification
Aluminum alloy 6061 QQ-A-250/11
Brass, Alloy 360 QQ-B-613
Copper, Phosphor Bronze QQ-B-750
Copper, OFHC QQ-C-502
Steel, CRES, Stainless MIL-S-4043
Steel, CRES, (Plate, Sheet and Strip) QQ-S-13281



Material Specification
Rigid, Rectangular MIL-DTL-85  (formerly MIL-W-85)
Rigid, Double-Ridge MIL-DTL-23351  (formerly  MIL-W-23351)
Flanges, Rectangular MIL-DTL-3922  (formerly MIL-F-3922)
Flanges, Double-Ridge MIL-DTL-39000  (formerly MIL-F-39000)



Process Specification
Welding, Brazing Support MIL-W-6858
Aluminum Dip Brazing MIL-B-007883 V
Torch Brazing MIL-B-007883 I
Torch Soldering QQ-S-571
Chem Film, Aluminum Iridite MIL-C-5541
Paint and Finish FED-STD-595




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